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The love killed

posté le 24-04-2008 à 14:10:09

these is my friend he have a super car                                   

voila ramzi le millionnaire


posté le 23-04-2008 à 14:18:11

what i love?

my favourite singer of raî is cheb redouane end the king of the raî "cheb hasni" but in the other music i love james blunt and george maikel




1. MeilaZic  le 03-10-2008 à 18:44:34  (site)

I know lonely James Blunt (sorry for my english) but I prefer James Morrison the singer of "you give me sth" but my favorite group of music is Nirvana ((it's the shame that Kurt Cobain is dead, it was a melancholy boy)( ... (I oblige to use a dictionary)
You're really english?

posté le 23-04-2008 à 13:31:05

my daily life

my life is study but i enjoy my time verry good in store layette in oran with my uncle because i love verry much the babies and i spend my free time in our store crockery.

that's me




1. MeilaZic  le 03-10-2008 à 18:49:56  (site)

I don't love baby, (but I can't say it, I have never got, please help me for my english!!!!), for the moment I think babies are annoying!!
My english isn't good?

posté le 23-04-2008 à 13:16:57


hi every body,so i'm a boy of 15 old and i live in algeria ,i was born in oran (the source of the raî algerien)my name is adel islame,i have many friends but the best is ramzi he is all what i have in these life unlucky because i'love him.                                                        

      these is my best friend   

my frind



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